? Can I request Video as well as Digital Photos?
~Yes, we are able to create both video presentations and digital photos for you.

? How do I receive my photos?
~ Photos can be delivered in many different ways.  We will work with you to accommodate your preferred delivery method.

? How do I set up a photo shoot?
~ Please call or email us directly to book your shoot. We can be reached at 410-924-7314 or We will contact you to discuss your request and to schedule your photo shoot.

? How much does a photo shoot cost?
~Please keep in mind that every request is unique.  We will work with you to determine your needs and will provide you a written quote for your shoot.  Every shoot is different – from timing, access and special requests.

? What if the weather is bad and my shoot is canceled?
~ Depending on your event, timing and weather is everything.  If weather does not allow us to fly our drones, then you will not be charged for your shoot.  If your shoot can be rescheduled during more favorable weather, we will work with you to reschedule your shoot.

? I want a photo shoot on the military base I live on- can you do this?
~  No- in most cases US Government/Military Bases and other restricted areas do not allow Drone photography.  If at all possible, we will work with you off base to capture your photo.

? I want a photo shoot of me flying my plane- can you do this?
~  No- FAA rules prevent all drones from flying near airports or in air traffic spaces.  We would not be able to capture your airplane in flight without appropriate FAA and air traffic control approval.

? How can you capture my boat underway?
~We will work with you from the marina you are docked at, capturing photos of your boat in it’s slip and then as you get underway.  In most cases, we are able to capture your shots from the marina.  We are also able to follow you while underway in open water or board with you from the marina to capture wide open water shots if that is your request.

? Can I hire you to spy on my neighbors?
~  No- not without written consent! 

? Why are your prices a fraction of other Drone Photography Services?
~  I am getting my business off the ground while attending school.  I am not offering some of the more advanced drone services other more established drone photography companies offer, therefore I do not have the overhead that these companies have.  This allows me to be very inexpensive in comparison. I want every client to give me a good reference and will work with all my clients to make sure that happens.