Latest Project:

New home owner wanted aerial view pictures of their new custom built home in St. Michaels, MD.  They wanted to capture 360 degree views of their new home and property so they can share it with their extended family who live out of town. Their custom built home is on a large property that could not be captured with a regular camera lense.  KI Drone Photography was able to capture their entire property in an aerial snapshot, as well as footage from all angles of their home.

Their new home resides on Broad Creek and their waterfront views are spectacular. Footage of the family while on their dock was a bonus – as the owner’s parents were in town.  We captured 3 generations on the dock while visiting the new homesite.

While filming, we attempted to get a sneak peek of the resident Bald Eagle atop the highest peak on the creek.  Sadly, the Eagle wasn’t home!